Android 3.0 Mensupport Multicore

Tak mau kalah dengan PC/Laptop, mobile phone pun akan mulai menggunakan prosesor multicore. Dan Android 3.0 sudah siap dengan dukungan untuk prosesor multicore. Persoalan multicore ini pula lah yang menyebabkan android 2.3 beralih dari YAFFS ke EXT4.

Support for multicore processor architectures

Android 3.0 is the first version of the platform designed to run on either single or multicore processor architectures. A variety of changes in the Dalvik VM, Bionic library, and elsewhere add support for symmetric multiprocessing in multicore environments. These optimizations can benefit all applications, even those that are single-threaded. For example, with two active cores, a single-threaded application might still see a performance boost if the Dalvik garbage collector runs on the second core. The system will arrange for this automatically.